Premium Blow Bars: Unprecedented Strength and Lifespan

Crafted for maximum endurance and unparalleled performance, these essential wearparts will redefine your expectations for your horizontal shaft impactor (HSI) crushers.

Superior Strength and Durability with Hardox® Steel

Our Blow Bars go beyond the norm, being forged from the highest-quality Hardox® steel, renowned for its incomparable hardness and toughness. This innovative material choice allows our Blow Bars to endure in the harshest and most abrasive environments, increasing their wear life and ensuring the consistent efficiency of your operations.

Unmatched Wear Life with Hardox® 500

While standard OEM parts often disappoint in terms of lifespan, EccoFab’s Blow Bars crafted from Hardox® 500 break the mould. Hardox® 500, with its exceptional wear resistance, delivers up to 2x the wear life of typical parts. This results in fewer replacements, decreased downtime, and significant cost savings for your operation.

Ready to Transform Your Operations with EccoFab?

Elevate your aggregate operations to new levels of efficiency and durability with our premium Blow Bars. Choose EccoFab’s Blow Bars and make an investment in superior performance, increased lifespan, and significant cost savings.