Hardox® HiTemp Steel Asphalt Drum Flights

Superior Durability for Your Operations

Bringing Unparalleled Durability to Your Asphalt Operations

Our asphalt drum flights, crafted from Hardox® HiTemp steel, exemplify the robustness and reliability that is critical in the asphalt industry. Subject to continual friction and heat, these components are critical to the overall efficiency of your operation. EccoFab’s drum flights, renowned for their heat and wear resistance, make them the perfect choice for your high-intensity asphalt production.

Extended Lifespan Equals Cost-Efficiency

In contrast to conventional OEM flights that require replacement within two years on average, EccoFab’s Hardox® HiTemp steel drum flights offer significantly longer life. We have seen our flights in operation for many years and counting, even with the rigorous handling of over 1.2 million tons of material. This extended lifespan means fewer replacements, reducing your operating costs over time.

EccoFab’s asphalt drum flights are designed to endure even the harshest working conditions. Made from Hardox® steel, these flights can comfortably withstand temperatures up to 930 degrees F without compromising their structural integrity. This makes them a reliable choice in high-temperature asphalt production environments.

Ready to Transform Your Operations with EccoFab?

Whether you’re ramping up production or aiming for smoother, more efficient operations, EccoFab’s Hardox® steel asphalt drum flights are the smart choice. By focusing on durability, cost-efficiency, and temperature resilience, we ensure you get the best value out of your production process. Trust EccoFab to elevate your asphalt operations to the next level.