High-quality fabricated wear parts for the aggregate industry.

Twice the wearlife for the same price. Custom-made with precision and passion.

Customized, cost effective solutions for your aggregate fabricating needs.

Choose from our library of wear parts, or just send us a drawing. We will work with you and review your part’s design to maximize efficiency and we fabricate your wear part using Hardox® Steel for extended durability.

Not all steel is made equal.

The Hardox® steel that we use is a unique combination of hardness and toughness.  This extreme resistance results in extended lifetimes for wear parts. Extended wear life produces less down time, allowing the user to run longer and harder than with typical OEM wearparts.

For approximately the same cost, a typical user can get a Hardox 400 grade wearpart that will, on average, last 1.5x as long. That lifetime increases when the user upgrades to Hardox 500 steel.

30 Years of Hardox® Experience and Expertise. Made in the USA.

Through our 30 years of experience with Hardox® products, we have developed industry-leading techniques in collaboration with end-users. Every part is custom made according to client specifications at the EccoFab production facility, centrally located in Rockford, Illinois. Made in the Midwest, shipped internationally.