Case Study: Maximizing Cutting Edge Lifespan

Our client, operating in an exceptionally demanding work environment, faced a recurring and challenging issue. Their OEM cutting edges, typically designed to last for extended periods, were lasting a mere 10 weeks in this rigorous setting. This rapid wear rate presented a double-edged problem. Firstly, it significantly escalated their maintenance costs as replacements became an all-too-frequent necessity. Secondly, and equally concerning, it resulted in operational disruptions, causing unanticipated downtime and impeding their overall productivity.

How EccoFab’s Innovations Revolutionize Durability and Efficiency

EccoFab’s expert solution involved a strategic upgrade – we recommended transitioning to Hardox 450 cutting edges, with a noteworthy enhancement of an extra 0.25 inches in thickness when compared to the OEM counterparts. This seemingly modest adjustment, however, had a profound impact on the cutting edges’ performance. It translated into a substantial extension of their lifespan, empowering our client to operate seamlessly for a solid six-month period without the need for replacements. This upgrade not only bolstered their equipment’s durability but also significantly reduced the frequency of costly maintenance interventions, marking a pivotal turning point in their operations.

To further enhance the cutting edges’ durability, EccoFab added an extra 6 inches to the depth, resulting in cutting edges that lasted an entire year, compared to the previous 10-week lifespan of the OEM edges.

The client achieved remarkable results with the upgraded cutting edges. The extended lifespan not only reduced the frequency of replacements but also led to substantial cost savings. Additionally, the reduced downtime for maintenance improved operational efficiency.

This case study underscores the value of investing in high-performance wear parts and their potential to revolutionize not only equipment longevity but also the overall efficiency and bottom line of any operation. It’s a testament to the importance of making informed choices when it comes to wear parts, and it’s a journey we are proud to have embarked upon with our client.

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