Trusted Since 1974

About EccoFab

EccoFab’s mission is simple: We provide high-quality, long-lasting, cost-effective parts and equipment to fit the requirements of the job.

EccoFab Inc. was founded in 1974 by Ekstrom Carlson & Company a leading provider of woodworking and metalworking machines for most of the 20th Century– to produce fabricated bases for their line of machine products. In 1996, we began diversifying the services offered to our clients, specializing in repair or replacement parts for heavy equipment used in quarries, construction, and site preparation.

Realizing that our clients were experiencing shortened wearlife on specific parts, we began experimenting with Hardox® steel in 1988. In 2000, EccoFab was invited to be part of the launch of the domestic U.S. Hardox® WearParts Network.

Through our 30 years of experience with Hardox® products, we have developed industry-leading techniques in collaboration with end-users that produce Hardox 400 wearparts that meet most OEM standards for wearlife and durability, and often exceed those standards using Hardox 500.

Every part is custom made according to client specifications at the EccoFab production facility, centrally located in Rockford, Illinois. Made in the Midwest, but shipped internationally.

Make sure to ask for an EccoFab wearpart by name for your crusher, front end loader bucket or snow plow.

Gerry Bauer

EccoFab’s leader since 1978, President Gerald “Gerry” Bauer has built a reputation as a no nonsense businessman who prefers visiting his clients to experience firsthand the wear issues that they are facing.

Consistently delivering on his promise of delivering quality wearparts and liners, Bauer often serves as an unofficial expert in the use of crushing equipment, and provides valuable consultation alongside his skill.

Our facility has the following processing capabilities:

Cutting: AWJ (Abrasive Water Jet) AWJ (Abrasive Water Jet), Laser 0-25 mm, Laser 25+, Oxy, Plasma 0-20 mm, Plasma 20-40 mm
Welding: MAG/MIG, Stud Machining: CNC drilling and milling, Radial drilling < / > 500 Hb, Traditional milling < / > 500 Hb
Services: Delivery, Design improvements, Priority delivery, In-house repair