Single Hole, Quick Release Blow Bar Wedge

At EccoFab, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of design, engineering, and innovation to create wearparts that not only withstand the toughest conditions but also simplify operations for users. We’re excited to present Generation 2 of our groundbreaking single hole, quick-release wedges. This innovative product is the result of our unwavering commitment to addressing the common yet significant issues operators face with standard/OEM parts.

Understanding the Rocking Dilemma

Standard/OEM parts conventionally employ a two-bolt system to ensure tension on the blow bar. This design, however, can lead to a phenomenon known as “rocking.” To create the necessary tension, both bolts must be tightened down simultaneously. Unfortunately, many operators find this task challenging to execute. The inevitable result is a rocking motion, which occurs as the operator moves from one bolt to the other. This not only slows down the process but can also impact the secure installation of the blow bar, potentially compromising the efficiency of the crusher.

EccoFab’s single hole solution is the answer to this dilemma. By utilizing a central bolt, our wedge negates the need for dual-bolt tightening. This strategic design effectively eliminates the unwanted rocking motion, making the installation process smoother and more efficient while ensuring the secure placement of the blow bar.

Addressing the Issue of Stuck Bolts and Unusable Wedges

Repeated use of standard/OEM parts often leads to another common issue – stuck bolts. Over time, bolts can become rusted or caked with dust from the machine, both of which can make them challenging to remove. When the time comes to change the blow bar, these stuck bolts can render the wedges unusable.

Our innovative quick-release solution brings an end to this frustrating issue. By eliminating the threads typically found on standard bolts, our design makes it possible to remove and reuse wedges quickly and efficiently. This not only minimizes equipment downtime but also enhances the lifespan and usability of the wedges, providing significant long-term value.

The Generation 2 single hole, quick-release wedge is a testament to EccoFab’s commitment to practical innovation. Our aim is to optimize the productivity of your Eagle Crushers while minimizing potential downtime, making your aggregate operations more profitable and efficient. Experience the EccoFab difference with our groundbreaking wearparts.

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