Case Studies

In an ongoing series of videos, Gerry Bauer shares insights on how the wear part user can be more efficient through smarter wear parts consumption.

Gerry’s Thoughts #32 – Against the Grain

Gerry’s Thoughts #57 – Efficiency

Gerry’s Thoughts #26 – Casted vs. Fabricated

Casted vs. Fabricated

Casted vs. Fabricated

A client presented EccoFab with this unique problem: the casted liner was cracking under pressure. Upon investigation, Gerry realized that the liner was mounted to an irregular surface – ie, it was unsupported in places, being mounted to a rippled surface. By replacing the casted part with a fabricated part, Eccofab was able to eliminate the pressure cracking.

Gerry’s Thoughts #09 – Custom Mower

EccoFab was asked to develop a custom mower deck for use in railroad right-of-way maintenance. A short video of the machines power.